Artist Statement.

Atom Deguire explores art production, media and public accessibility within the context of urban landscape. Through the use of architectural sites and materials commonly found therein, Deguire's work addresses ownership, usage and pedestrian movement through various common spaces we encounter everyday. His approach is influenced by systems of communication such as signage, graphic design, directional indicators, public transportation, safety, mapping, marketing and media. Deguire’s point of departure is typically a location that provides an occasion to reshape, reclaim or redirect the original functionality and context. His tendency to articulate the subtle, often overlooked details within these sites, has given rise to works that testify to their own mutability and transience, while simultaneously embedding themselves within the infrastructure they reference.

Atom Deguire (1979, Canada) is a Toronto based artist. He has recently exhibited at Convenience Gallery (Toronto 2013) and installed a public work commissioned for Mercer Union (Toronto 2012). His recent solo exhibitions include Blackwood Gallery (Mississauga 2011), Centre CLARK (Montreal 2009), YYZ Artists’ Outlet (Toronto 2008) and Paul Petro Contemporary Art (Toronto 2008). Deguire's work has also been included in recent exhibitions at Flux Gallery (Portland 2010), Diaz Contemporary (Toronto 2009), TRUCK Contemporary Art (Calgary 2009) and Anna Leonowens Gallery (Halifax 2009).